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Important Information

What do I need to bring with my dog/s into kennels?

Under the new The Animal Welfare Regulation 2018 the following information is required on arrival. Your dog’s up-to date vaccination card. (booster in the last year)

Details of any insurance relating to your dog

Date of last worming and flea treatment if given. Details of products used for worming and flea treatment if administered.



Bedding. We provide raised beds and a soft ‘vet bedding’ for comfort. These can be washed and dried quickly for hygiene purposes. If you would like to bring anything from home to help your dog/s settle a small blanket is fine this is left at the owner’s risk. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged items. Please DO NOT bring dog beds/bedding or plastic beds. Beds do get wet/muddy/soiled on occasion and we do not have the ability to wash large items. We cannot guarantee bedding will be freshly laundered on pick up, so we prefer to use our own. Please label all blankets with a wash resistant marker and include your dog/s name.


Toys. You are more than welcome to bring any toys that your dog/s may like during their stay again this is at the owner’s risk. The Kennels will not be responsible for lost, damaged items or if your dog/s chews and swallows any toys.


Food. Food can be either supplied by yourself or us. We keep in the following: Happy Dog dry food. If supplying your own food, please ensure you supply more than enough for your dog/s stay and it is clearly labelled with your dog/s name.


Treats You are more than welcome to bring any treats that your dog/s are used to please make sure they are clearly labelled with your dog/s name


Medication. If your dog/s is on medication, please ensure they have enough for the entire stay and they are clearly labelled with your dog/s name on. Medication will be administered as instructed by the owner. We will not be held responsible if there are any adverse reactions to the medications.


Collars and Leads. Whilst your dog/s is with us they must have a collar and lead.

On arrival your dogs MUST BE ON A LEAD AND COLLAR Please resect other customers dropping off or collecting their dogs that just because your dogs like other dogs theirs may not. Please remember to like our Facebook page and feel free to message us to check on your dog/s We do our best to upload photos, it is not always possible during our busy times and due to the camera, we use it is not always possible in bad weather.


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