Mundicao Kennels
Mundicao Kennels

The Kennels

Our dog kennels are modern and purpose built. They are insulated and heated and are made from tough polypropylene with aluminium. This design makes them hard to damage and hygienic to clean which is critical to the control of disease in a boarding environment.

All accommodation comes with a comfortable, insulated sleeping area, which can be heated in winter and an outdoor run to allow daily fresh air and space for a stretch.

The dogs have access to the outside run throughout the day time and depending on the weather right up until bedtime. We shut the trap doors overnight keeping your dog in the sleeping area from a security and warmth point of view

Also CCTV on site, guaranteeing your pet's safety. 


Care & Welfare:

·      In the unfortunate event that a guest becomes ill whilst staying with us we have access to veterinary services 24 hours a day. We are registered with South Lincs Vet Group & Hospital who provide 24-hour emergency cover and advice when necessary. Holbeach Veterinary Clinic, 20 West End, Holbeach, PE12 7YY

·      All animals while staying @ Mundicao are covered by Cliverton Insurance



We understand that exercise is important and must be tailored to the health, age and fitness of each individual dog. Time out of the kennel is also important for the pets to relieve themselves. Dogs are exercised at least twice a day, either on the lead for controlled exercise or off the lead in one of our large secure play areas.



We provide a nutrition complete dry food (Happy Dog dry food)

Alternatively, you may prefer to bring your dog’s food so that they can continue to have the same food as they normally have at home.


Bedding & Toys 

All guests are provided with a raised bedding and vet beds. We use ‘Vetbed’ which is a non-allergen, anti-chew fleece recommended by veterinarians worldwide. ‘Vetbed’ retains heat by trapping air within the fibres, helping to keep your dog warm and cosy. With unique drainage properties, if your pet should have an accident, the ‘Vetbed’ will drain the liquid through, keeping the top of the bedding dry, so your pet stays warm and dry. ‘Vetbed’ is the only bedding that can be laundered at 90 degrees and dries in minutes.


We are happy for owners to bring your pets favourite toys and treats from home. We do not share your dogs’ personal toys with any of our other boarders. We supply a diverse range of toys which are disinfected on a regular basis to ensure they are always clean and germ free.


Kennel Tariffs

As pet owners ourselves we understand how important your pets are to you. We will treat your pets like one of our own and give them the love and individual attention they deserve. We pride ourselves in returning your pet in a healthy, happy relaxed state.


Kennels Boarding Rates - £25 per day

Charges are calculated on a daily rate.  This is from the day your pet arrives regardless of the time of day.  On the day of departure, if the pet is checked out by 12:00 noon there is no charge for this day.  After this time the standard daily rate applies.




Get in touch


Phone: 07861785566




Where to find us:


The Melrose Dowsdale Bank,


PE12 0TZ

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