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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are set in place to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all the dogs in our care and form part of your contract with Mundicao Kennels. Please read these carefully and if you have any questions, please contact us to discuss them. 



  • All dogs are examined upon arrival and are accepted into our care upon the understanding that they are in good health. Any health conditions must be stated prior to acceptance of boarding. Management has the right to refuse any dog showing signs of illness, pending advice from a veterinary surgeon.
  • I understand that while every care will be given to my animals, they are boarded entirely at my own risk and the management accept no liability for any injury, stress or ill-health arising from their visit.
  • An emergency contact person must be provided and must be able to collect your dog immediately if we require them to do so at any time for any reason.
  • All animals must have an up to date veterinary certificate of vaccination, which will be inspected on arrival. All clients must produce Valid Vaccination Certificate against canine parvovirus, canine distemper, canine adenovirus/infectious canine hepatitis, leptospirosis and other relevant diseases. Also vaccination against diseases such as kennel cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica/ Canine parainfluenza virus). 
  • The infectious bronchitis vaccine does not give 100% protection against kennel cough and the owner takes full responsibility for this. The management of the kennels will not be liable if the animal catches kennel cough.
  • If your dog should unexpectedly appear unwell whilst our care, management has the right to contact the service of a veterinary surgeon of their choice on my behalf should it be necessary and act upon his advice. The expense incurred is to be met by the owner of the animal.
  • Dogs must have been treated for fleas and worms before entering the Kennels.
  • Medication or Supplements will be administer as instructed by the owner. Mundicao Kennels will not be held responsible if there are any adverse reactions to medications or supplements, these are given at the responsibility of the owner

Collection & Drop off

  • Dogs must be brought to and collected from the Kennels during business hours: Monday –Saturday 10am - 16.00pm. Sundays closed
  • No dogs will be allowed to be dropped off or collected outside of permitted opening times unless agreed with Mundicao kennels.


Other Terms

  • Dogs from the same ownership/family sharing a kennel do so at owner’s risk, we cannot be held responsible for any injury caused including any as a result of aggressive or over exuberant behaviour from one dog to another and the owners agrees to pay any additional fees if Mundicao Kennels feels that the dogs need to be split.
  • Dogs must be on a lead at all times upon arrival and departure. We accept no responsibility for loss or injury in the car park. Dog collars must be secure and fitted with an identity disk.
  • Only Bedding can be supplied by the owner, but the kennels take no responsibility for loss or damage.
  • Dogs are fed with high quality dog food (Happy Dog). We will happily continue your dogs’ diet if you want to supply it, a no extra charge. Any prescription or special diets must be supplied by the owner.
  • All dogs microchip details will be recorded.
  • Mundicao Kennels reserves the right to dispose of animals not collected within 10 days of the stated departure date if no communication from the owner, or owner's agent, is received and if efforts to contact the owners fail.



  • Payment: All accounts are due on the day of arrival or 50% on arrival and balance on collection.
  • Should you decide to collect your dog prior to the agreed collection date, the full booking fee will still be charged. Should you arrive after your agreed arrival date, the full booking fee will still be applied. If your dog stays after the agreed collection date, then the extra days will be charged for in full.


Data Protection

  • Your data will be help in accordance with GDPR guidelines.
  • Data Protection Under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 and conditions of our Animal Boarding Licence. The recording of your data is necessary for Mundicao Kennels to comply with the law, to assist in good animal care and in dialoguing with your vet if necessary for the care of your pet. In accordance with new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) laws we have updated our privacy policy in which we explain how we use your personal data. This update builds upon pre-existing laws and we strive to take the best practice with regards to collection, storage and processing of client’s personal data and will continue to do so. Here at Mundicao Kennels. we take the privacy and security of our client’s personal data very seriously and operate to the highest standard to protect our client’s personal data,
  • What information we hold. For the smooth and efficient running, we need to keep a record of: Your name, Your address, Your landline and mobile telephone numbers, Your email address, Contact details of another responsible person in case of emergency, Your pet’s details e.g. name, the name and telephone number of your veterinary surgeon
  • Why we hold this data We store data about clients to ensure we can contact them by mail, telephone or email in an emergency and about bookings. Your permission Upon your arrival you will be asked sign Terms and Conditions as listed above and giving your permission for to hold your data and use as appropriate for the reasons outlined above, will notify you if any changes are made to the terms and conditions for a new copy to be signed and kept on file Mundicao Kennels will not share any data with any other 3rd party other than Local Authority officers who have a right to see your data and your vet who may need your emergency contact number and will probably crosscheck your address.
  • You may request to see all the personal data we hold on you (we are allowed 30 days to provide it). We only keep your data for the reasons outlined above and we’ll destroy your data if we have had no contact with you for 6 years. If you wish you may opt-out of marketing.
  • Management has the right to update these terms and conditions at any time.


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