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"Maria West

We left Henry; our 17 month old GSD with Vitor for some residential training as we were having some trouble walking him on the lead. He’s a very strong-willed, lively boy. During his time there we joined in with the training regularly so that Vitor could teach us how to handle him, enabling us to carry on with his training when we took him home. We are now loving taking Henry for walks rather than it being the other way around. So so pleased! So worth it. Great kennels, lots of outside space for work & play. Vitor evidently loves the dogs very much and has an amazing connection with them. Highly recommend"


"Anna-Maria Hales 

My chocolate Lab Rocco had a great time for 5 days residential boarding in April with excellent training from Vitor in such a short time. He explained everything and educated us too, very friendly with a great sense of humour! My dog was following him everywhere and didn't want to leave.
Booked again for a few days in May with training. Would highly recommend.
Thanks again for your hard work and patience"



"Neil Bye - Fantastic place, fantastic people!

Vitor is a knowledgeable and approachable trainer who explains everything perfectly to make sure people understand"


"Steve Moore – Penny had a lovely time at Mundicao kennels. When I collected her she looked very happy and very healthy. I felt reassured when I dropped her off and seeing pictures of her being active during my holiday made me happy. I would highly recommend Mundicao kennels to anybody!"


"Pauline Guest – We left our two dogs in Vitor's care for two weeks and the biggest compliment I can give is that they didn't want to come home. My son visited a few times while they were there, and said that they were having the time of their lives. They were given lots of freedom to run with other dogs, and received first-class training at the same time. Kizzie had problems socialising with other dogs which showed itself in aggression, and is now relaxed enough to join in and have fun. Thank you Vitor for doing such a great job."


"Claire Smith – My dog Winnie spent a few days with Victor as a boarder ahead of her intensive training. I can already see a massive difference in her and she didn't want to come home -there is no better review than that.
Victor is much more than boarding kennels, he spends time with the dogs and they clearly all love him. Would highly recommend."


"Madelyn Lee – Dog boarding and dog training ran by the most experienced, knowledgable people in the canine area. 
Having taken our pup here for about 6 months now, the changes we have seen in him are incredible. Would not (and have not) got this service from other 'dog trainers'. 
Do not hesitate to leave your dog here!"


"Manuel Cezar Mihalcea – Best thing u can offer to your dog!! Vacation at mundicao kennels."


"Adrian Nita – My dog Tito has been with Vitol for the last 3 weeks and now i have a completely different dog thanks to Mundicao Kennels ( Vitol and the team) best results, thanks again"


"Kim Pakan  – My 3 large dogs have been with Vitor for almost two weeks and I couldn't be more happier with the TLC they have received. They've been treated like they are part of the family and at the same time given top class training to help me take them all out at the same time....I'm being trained too lol. These are kennels with a difference with country walks and loads of space for running around. Staff are all friendly and have time for you. It's home from home."


Aly Maria Hull  – I really can not sing the Praise and say how superb mundicao kennels are, when we got there victor was so welcoming to me and my dog vinnie, (who is a Doberman and my baby) victor made us both feel right at home, he let vinnie run around and get used to being there, and that put my mind as rest right from the get go. 
While I was away I could check in on Facebook to see what he was doing, as they upload photos and it was amazing to see that he was taken out in the Forest for long walks as well as being aloud to run in the huge Secure fields that are part of the kennels, I will only ever take my baby to mundicao from now on as he was treated like there baby as well. And I must say he really didn't want to leave, x "


"Alex Cubra  – One of a kind! You cannot get this type of service and results for any other dog trainer out there!

Have been coming here weekly for the past 6 months with our GSD who is now a totally different dog, everywhere we take him, people, as well as dog owners always ask us; 'How we get him so well behaved and how does he listen to you?' ...

Simple, take your dog to Mundicao Kennels."


"Chris Furlong - Have just picked up my dog minstrels after his 2 week stay at mundicao with Vitor , it's like having a different dog , I cannot recommend these enough , as well as training our dog he has also pointed us in the right direction to carry on the excellent work he has carried out on him and you can see that the dogs really enjoy being there"


"Linh La Shea - Would highly recommend! The dogs are well cared for and the service is outstanding. Especially helpful in flexibility, due to personal circumstances. Which took the worry from us."


An expert in their field, and delivers results. Our dog will definitely be back for on going training into adulthood.


"Sadie Ripley - We have taken our 1 year old labrador 'Derrick' for 1to1 sessions with Vitor. After 2 sessions involving all of our family we have seen a huge difference. Vitor clearly loves the dogs and is very knowledgable in what he teaches. Highly recommended!!"


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