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Mundicao Dog School South Lincolnshire offers training classes with a difference!  We teach you and your dog the skills you both need to understand each other and have a happy life together                                                                                                                                 Prices £30

Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers offering Dog Services such 1 2 1 Dog Training or GROUP dog Training


Mundicao Kennels Dog Training School offers its clients a wide range of behavioural and training classes, for all breeds of dog in South Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

Everything from domestic dog training, pet dog training (Sit, down, recall, heel work, food refusal, send away, emergency stop & formal recall with finishes, positions on the move) or more advanced canine sports such as IGP/Schutzhund, Tracking and Working Trials.


We also train under NASDU guidance for Handlers of Security Patrol Dogs
Sniffer & Security Dog training 


One to One Dog Training or Group Dog Tarining 


Training is the best way to educate our dogs, giving them capabilities to coexist harmoniously between us. A dog that learn how to behave in society is the best asset.


According to our training programmes a dog must have the necessary control with people, other dogs or strange situations, demonstrating the ability to learn how to behave in a balanced society and be a good citizen.


Like any other sport, training a dog actually improves the bond between dog and owner and vice versa, and encourages the dog's mental activity and thereby will result in a healthy dog at all levels.



Fun class where dogs learn to hunt specific scents in the same manner as detection dogs.
Open to all dogs!


Sniffer & Security Dog Training

We run classes under NASDU guidance for:

General Purpose Security Dog Handler 

Passive Drug Detection Dog Handler 

Proactive Drug Detection Dog Handler 

Explosive Detection Dog Handler



We have access to more than 5 acres of land for our clients use for tracking.



Our centre is open 6 days a week meaning we really do have something to suit everyone.


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Phone: 07861785566




Where to find us:


The Melrose Dowsdale Bank,


PE12 0TZ

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Mundicao Kennels South Lincolnshire, Peterborough, Spalding