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BAGSD Crowland IGP branch operates under the British Association German Shepherd dogs


At our facilities we run IPO section, that is a canine sport under FCI regulations and the English Kennel Club


The main goal of this sport is to select a balance dog, evaluate how they react with difficulties while facing a test. Their temperament and their courage, as well as the technical side to perform the exercises, either Tracking, Obedience or Defence.


A good dog trainer have to get the dogs to have a good technical capacity (performing the exercises as perfect as possible), but without taking the dog's temperament and willingness to work.



IGP there is three levels of increasing difficulty: IGP-I; IGP-II; IGP III. Each of the above steps is formed by the practice of three disciplines, tracking, obedience and protection, being mandatory that in each of them, a minimum score is reached (70 points out of 100 possible), otherwise not to be awarded the title.

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